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FAQ | Dusty Paws Rescue

Why do you have an adoption process?
We want to ensure that the dog/cat is getting the best possible home, and that will be for the life of the pet. In order to make sure that goal is met, we have put in place an adoption process that allows us the opportunity to ensure a good fit for the foster, and a good fit for the potential adoptive family. We make a commitment to each and every dog/cat we rescue from the shelter that we will provide them with the best care possible, and place them in loving, safe forever homes. This has resulted in an incredibly high rate of success in or adoptions.

What's included in an adoption?
Dogs and cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed, microchipped, given flea and tick medication, and any additional medical treatment if needed. Cats are tested for FIV/FELV.
Should I microchip my pet?
We never anticipate losing our pet, but in the unfortunate event that the unthinkable happens, you want the best chance at being reunited with your pet as possible. The microchip gets injected by a veterinarian under the skin in the ‘scruff’ area between the shoulder blades. This procedure is similar to receiving a vaccination, and does not require anesthesia or any other type of medication.
Once the microchip is placed in your pets scruff, its incredibly important that you register the chip. If this step is missed, then having your pet chipped will not be effective in the event he/she is ever lost.
If your pet should become lost and found by someone, they can take your pet to a veterinary hospital or local shelter to have your pet scanned. Your information, as well as your pets name, will reflect on the scanner and you will be contacted right away.
Please note: The only way the chip works is if your pet is scanned. To date, the chip does not act as a device to locate your pet. Your pet has to be physically scanned to see any information.
Is Dusty Paws Rescue a private or public organization?
Dusty Paws Rescue is a private non-profit and does not receive any type of government assistance or other miscellaneous backing.  We rely solely on public donations as well as donations from various organizations including Maddie's Fund Treatable Assistance Program, Petco Foundation, Pet Food Express to absorb the costs of our organization.  Monies donated are used to spay, neuter, vaccinate, and provide necessary medical care.  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit, which means all donations are tax deductible. Tax ID: 20-8905596
What breed is my dog? How can I know for sure?
It’s difficult to determine what breed a dog is just by looking at them. Especially if you have adopted your furry companion from the shelter or a rescue group. Modern day science has come a long way by developing DNA testing for dogs! Yes, that’s right, you can find out exactly what breed your dog is with an at home DNA testing kit.
Some of our foster parents have tested the DNA on some of our foster dogs for fun, and we have been completely amazed at what some of the dogs are mixed with. Below are some dogs who have been tested and what their DNA results were.
We recommend Wisdom Panel for DNA testing, as they make the process as simple as scratching a belly. If you decide to get your dog(s) DNA tested, please email us a picture of your dog(s) and the results of their DNA test and we will add them to this page!

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