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Approx Age:  7 years
Beagle/Terrier mix 
Male, neutered

Scout is a sweet, affectionate Beagle mix, 7 years old and weighing about 20 lbs. Due to a recent move, his owner is away from home at work over 9 hours a day, which he feels is too long for Scout to be alone as he has separation anxiety.

Scout is a sociable dog who likes kids. In fact he is great with people of all types and sizes. He is good with all kinds of other dogs as well, would be a good companion for your pooch. He has not been around cats much but would probably be fine with them.

Scout's activity level is moderate to high - he enjoys walks and off-leash parks. Toys don't interest him as much unless they happen to have food in them - he is very food motivated. Scout is a good boy, doesn't bark much or howl. He's house trained and walks well on leash. He will play catch and return with you and responds to several commands - sit, lay down, give me five, shake hands, roll over, stay and bark. In the home, he likes to sleep on top of the bed.

Scout is neutered and up to date on vaccinations.

Note! Any inquiries about this companion animal will only be answered after completion of an on-line application. You will be contacted by a Dusty Paws Representative within 24 hours after receipt of your application.

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