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Approx Age: 4
Domestic Shorthair
Male, neutered

In Fall of 2017, Ollie (short for Oliver) was stray and homeless in a residential neighborhood, craving human company and suffering from itchy skin with resulting hair loss. He gladly accepted the invitation to come inside to safety and his Dusty Paws foster person began a collaboration with a veterinarian to address Ollie's skin issue. It turned out he has an allergic reaction to fleas. However, a treatment called Bravecto has proved to be the answer to his flea allergy problem. The vet remarked on what a good-natured cat Ollie was, for weeks patiently wearing a cone while his skin healed and his fur grew back in.

Ollie is a sweet and sociable, not to forget handsome, four-year-old 10 lb. brown tabby. He usually wants to be in the same room as his foster family and loves to cuddle in laps and be petted. He is particularly mellow and snuggly at night after dinner. Ollie loves to eat! he is talkative, and will remind you when it's time for breakfast and dinner. He also enjoys a mid-day and bedtime snack. Ollie is litter box trained and happy to be an indoor cat. He gets along well with the 15 lb. resident dog in his foster home, with whom he will sometimes share a lap.

Ollie is neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated, and he tested negative for FIV. He is looking great now and is ready to find his forever home.

Ollie's foster family is sponsoring his adoption - when the right home is found they will take care of paying his adoption fee.

Note!  Any inquiries about this companion animal will only be answered after completion of an on-line application. You will be contacted by a Dusty Paws Representative within 24 hours after receipt of your application.  











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