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Approx Age: 10 months as of May 2018
Domestic Shorthair
Male, neutered

Bailey was born on 7/3/2017 in a backyard in San Leandro, part of a litter of 3 - two bright orange tabbies and Bailey, who is more an Irish cream. Bailey was and still is the most reserved of the three. He was adopted as a young kitten 6 months ago, but the home he went to wasn't a good fit for him. Although he enjoyed the company of another kitten his own age in the home, the noise of an active family with children coming and going was too much for him and he remained shy with the humans.

Bailey will be 10 months old as of May 2018 and has grown into a lovely, quiet young cat. We believe he will do best in a calm adult home without children or dogs. He is friendly with other cats and is sure to warm up to the right person(s) as well. He does enjoy being petted by his foster mom.

Bailey is neutered, chipped and current on vaccinations.

Note!  Any inquiries about this companion animal will only be answered after completion of an on-line application. You will be contacted by a Dusty Paws Representative within 24 hours after receipt of your application.  











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