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Approx Age: 5 months as of 12/30/17
Domestic Shorthair
Female, spayed

Willow is a lovely, soft 5 month old kitten, all white except for the 2 dark grey marks above her eyes. She is one of a litter of five born in an abandoned house in Hayward and eventually scared out by squatters. One kitten was killed by a car, but the other four have been rescued.

Willow is shy but likes to be petted while eating. In her foster home she is very playful, especially with her siblings. She loves her toy mouse and chasing a string on a stick. She has been spayed, chipped, vaccinated and tested (negative) for FIV - all ready to go into a new home, ideally one with another cat she can snuggle with.

Note!  Any inquiries about this companion animal will only be answered after completion of an on-line application. You will be contacted by a Dusty Paws Representative within 24 hours after receipt of your application.   






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